JULY 26, 2016 - SEATTLE, WASH.

Raisbeck's EPIC Platinum Performance and Swept Blade Propellers now available for the King Air 250



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200-Series Swept Blade Propeller 120King Air 250 operators can now enjoy the increased takeoff, climb, cruise and landing performance available only through Raisbeck's EPIC Platinum Performance Package. The FAA-certified short field performance allows safe access to thousands more airports around the world, all while retaining the increased MMO. Raisbeck's Swept Blade Turbofan Propellers are also available as a stand-alone installation.

Raisbeck 250 EPIC Landing Distance Comparison Chart 710

Bill Cadow, Raisbeck's VP of Sales, commented, “From early on, King Air 250 owners have been asking for the EPIC Performance Package, along with the reduced noise and ramp appeal unique to our Swept Blade Turbofan Propellers. A key driver was the need for significantly shorter landing distances available with our EPIC Package. There is definitely a market here for those who need our FAA-approved EPIC short takeoff and landing capability, such as air medical operations in Scandinavia and throughout Europe. An additional capability with the EPIC Package includes increased cruise speeds of up to 10 knots, with associated quicker time-to-climb. There are also those operators who prefer higher thrust aluminum propellers instead of the 250’s 4-blade smaller-diameter composite props.”

The Raisbeck EPIC Performance Package for the King Air 200 series continues to be a best seller, with over 1,300 so equipped. Raisbeck is pleased to offer these improvements through our worldwide network of Authorized Raisbeck Dealers, including all Textron Aviation Service Centers.

The EPIC Platinum Performance Package and Swept Blade Propellers for the 200, C90 and 350 series are certified with the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), Brazil’s Agência Nacional de Aviaçäo Civil (ANAC) and many other aviation authorities around the world.

Raisbeck’s Swept Blade Propellers for the King Air are manufactured by Hartzell Propeller and are available for purchase and installation on short notice. Economically constructed of aluminum, the four-blade props can be maintained and overhauled by virtually every prop shop around the world using well-known techniques and procedures.

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