High Flotation

Gear Doors


AVAILABLE FOR THESE KING AIR MODELS equipped with High Flotation Gear:

• F90 • A100 • 100 • B100 • 250 • B200GT
• B200 • 200 • 350 • 350ER • 350i

A key part of the EPIC Performance Package for King Airs factory-equipped with High Float Gear (HFG), our Fully-enclosed High Flotation Gear Doors restore the climb and cruise performance lost with HFG. 

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System Benefits: 
  • Restored standard gear climb and cruise performance
  • Cruise speeds increased by 4-10 knots
  • Wheel wells, tires, wheels and brakes stay clean
Technology Benefits:
  • Fully encloses the protruding high-flotation gear, wheels, and tires
  • Aerodynamically area-ruled to maximize drag reduction
  • Constructed of lightweight composites for maximum strength and minimum weight

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