Ram Air Recovery System



By making the airflow to the engine more efficient, the Ram Air Recovery System (OEM standard on new King Air 250s) decreases ITT 18° at equal torque, prevents FOD and increases all weather capability.




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System Benefits:
  • Significantly improved climb and cruise performance with ice vanes stowed or deployed
  • 18º cooler engine ITT at equal torque
  • 8% increase in available horsepower
  • 8% to 11% block fuel savings *
  • Ice vanes may be deployed at any time including taxi and takeoff when at OATs up to ISA +27ºC *
* As part of an EPIC package. 

EPIC System Benefits:

Maximum performance gains from the Ram Air Recovery System are obtained when paired with Hartzell/Raisbeck Quiet Turbofan Propellers which, because their twist extends all the way to the spinner, drives high-pressure air into the engine inlet.

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Technology Benefits:
  • Developed and tested in conjunction with Pratt & Whitney of Canada, Ltd
  • FAA-Certified for ice-vane deployment on the ground and in the air
  • Utilizes coanda-effect aerodynamics for efficient airflow vectoring
  • Full inlet plenum sealing through unique full-body diaphragms
ITT Reduction:
  • Utilizes coanda-effect aerodynamics for efficient airflow vectoring
  • Full inlet plenumsealing through unique full-body diaphragms
Reduce Torque loss with ice vanes deployed:

The Raisbeck-patented Ram Air Recovery System maximizes the air to the engine inlet so that your engine retains the same power with ice vanes deployed that you get now with the ice vanes stowed. Your aircraft retains speed and power as you climb through clouds or inclement weather. With ice vanes stowed, you experience increased power and speed, and you save fuel—all at lower engine temperatures.

Protect against Foreign Object Damage (FOD):

When Hartzell/Raisbeck Quiet Turbofan Propellers or any EPIC package, ice vanes may be deployed at any time—including on the ground, during takeoff, and for landing—when at OATs up to ISA +27oC. Use of ice vanes on RARS-equipped aircraft on the ground and during takeoff and landing minimizes the risk of foreign object damage. For this reason, the United States Army has equipped its entire C12 fleet with the Raisbeck Ram Air Recovery System.

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