King Air 200


Get the most out of your King Air 200 by utilizing all the benefits that Raisbeck Systems bring to your aircraft. For over 34 years, Raisbeck has engineered performance systems that make positive contributions to the following areas: payload, range, block speed, airport availability, cost, and ramp appeal. 

Put all of our systems together in an EPIC Performance Packages, and you will be flying the best King Air in the field. 



EPIC PLATINUM Performance Package

Raisbeck's 200 EPIC PLATINUM Performance Package is designed to improve the performance, efficiency, operational flexibility, comfort and safety of your King Air 200.

Take advantage of special combination savings—and extra storage space outside the cabin—by adding Crown Wing Lockers when you complete your EPIC purchase.

When you equip your Beechcraft King Air 200 with Raisbeck EPIC PLATINUM, you will receive a new Airplane Flight Manual Supplement that enables you to take advantage of the following performance benefits:
  • Increased performance in all flight phases
  • Carry more passengers, cargo and fuel
  • Flexibility to operate safely into thousands more airports
  • Safer operations with true FAR 25 Balanced Field Lengths
  • Greater dispatch reliability due to elimination of yaw damper restriction
  • Reduced cabin noise



  • Raisbeck/Hartzell Swept Blade Turbofan Propellers or Quiet Turbofan Propellers
  • High-Flotation Gear Doors (if aircraft is HFG-equipped)
  • Ram Air Recovery System
  • Enhanced Performance Leading Edges
  • Dual Aft Body Strakes
  • New Airplane Flight Manual Supplement


EPIC Performance Data:



All 200 Systems


The newest addition to the Raisbeck King Air systems, the Swept Blade Turbofan Propeller represents the latest in prop technology. By utilizing sweep technology for the first time outside of the military, the Swept Blade Props give you the best performance in the field.


By making the airflow to the engine more efficient, the Ram Air Recovery system allows you to fully optimize your B200GT’s engines’ by decreasing ITT by 18° at equal torque, preventing FOD, and increasing all weather capabilities.

200-strakes kb69018 hdr

The Dual Aft Body Strakes’ multifunctional capabilities reduce drag and noise, and eliminate yaw-damper-inoperative altitudes on King Air 200s—one product that goes a long way, and updates your aircraft to the modern look of today's King Airs.


More lift, less stress and less drag are created by changing the shape of the inboard section of the leading edges of the 200’s wings with our Enhanced Performance Leading Edges. A key part of the EPIC package you don't want to miss.


Aerodynamically encasing the OEM High Float Gear, Raisbeck's fully-enclosed High Flotation Gear doors restore the climb and cruise performance of standard-gear King Airs and protect wheel wells, tires and brakes from the elements.


Providing you with more baggage space and reducing drag, Raisbeck's Crown Wing Lockers help you optimize your cargo capabilities with zero performance loss.

200-Series Engine Upgrades

All Raisbeck Performance Systems and EPIC Performance Packages are fully compatible and certified with all Pratt & Whitney engine upgrades for 200-series King Airs, currently available from Blackhawk Modifications, Inc. and Standard Aero.

For more information on Blackhawk Modifications, click here
For more information on Standard Aero, click here.

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