Boeing 737 Hardened

Cockpit Security System



This system was an early and technically successful contribution to the post-9/11 Safety-in-the-Skies airline program. In fact, it was in development two years before 9/11.

Lead customers Alaska Airlines and American Trans Air have been and continue to be pleased with the overall safety and positive passenger reaction to the cockpit doors flying on their 737s since October 2001.

In March 2002, when Boeing firmed up a program to complete the retrofit of its 737 fleet, Raisbeck relinquished its orders and inquiries on the industry’s airline flight deck security business for the Boeing 737 and other models, to Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

The Raisbeck 737 Hardened Cockpit Security System includes bulkheads, lavatories, galleys, and hallways as applicable, to make the entire cockpit impervious to bullets and other weapons, and impenetrable by anyone who has not been identified and allowed to enter by the express remote-control action of the pilot or copilot. In addition, the Raisbeck System meets all applicable current and proposed FAA regulations.




  • Overnight installation
  • Pilot-remote lock and unlock operation
  • Bulletproof door (.44 magnum and 9mm)
  • Bulletproofing tested to N.I.J. Threat Level IIIA Standards)
  • Reverts to existing Boeing system and procedures when disarmed
  • Resists more than 300 joules impact
  • Total installed weight = 56 lbs. (actual, as weighed)

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  • Boeing 737 Hardened Cockpit Security System

    Take a walk through history. Developed two years before 9/11, Raisbeck's visionary 737 Hardened Cockpit Security System stops a .44 Magnum at point-blank range and baseball-bat assaults.

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