Boeing 727 Stage 3
Noise Reduction Kits



"Keep 'em flying" with our 727 Stage 3 Noise Reduction Kits!

Available in multiple configurations to suit all mission profiles for 727-100s and 727-200s, these kits are the most economical, least invasive Stage 3 System available.




  • Short installation downtime
  • No changes in the engines
  • No structural changes or winglets that could jeopardize Boeing support
  • Negligible increase in OEW (7 to 99 lbs depending on configuration)
  • No performance loss
  • Increased list from high altitude airports
  • No changes in cockpit procedures
  • No changes in crew training

Design Approach

The basic Raisbeck approach has been to extract the maximum possible benefit out of the inherent performance in the original design.

Where new hardware is necessary, care has been taken to leave the original structure and engines unaltered. The Raisbeck Systems make no changes in airframe stress or engine temperature/pressure patterns which might affect the durability of the aircraft, or even the basis of its original certification.

The net effect on overall performance is positive, with very small impacts on empty weight and landing distance, a small savings in fuel burn, and a significant increase in second segment climb capability which can favorably affect RTOWs under hot and/or high altitude conditions.

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