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Learjet Model 35/36


ZR LITE Performance System

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Fly higher, faster and farther from more airports.

The ZR LITE Performance System was designed by Raisbeck Engineering to enhance the take-off, climb, cruise and descent performance of the Learjet 35/36 series aircraft. Raisbeck's ZR LITE technology utilizes state-of-the-art components specifically engineered to reduce wave pressure, interference and induced drag—expanding this wonderful airplane's mission capability.


Raisbeck's ZR LITE Performance System for Learjet Models 35 and 36—including "A" models—enables your Learjet to fly higher, faster and farther from more airports, and save up to 14% or more in fuel along the way. ZR LITE owners report annual fuel savings as a return on investment (ROI) typically range from 30% to 50% or more—ZR LITE literally pays for itself within 2-4 years if you fly just few hundred hours per year!

ZR LITE is fully compatible with all Avcon Industry systems and is also certified with all RVSM systems.

ZR LITE Cruise benefits:

  • 25% less time-to-climb
  • 3000 to 4000 feet higher initial cruise altitude
  • .02+ increase in cruise Mach at equal power settings
  • 1% decrease in N1 and 15º ITT reduction at equal Mach
  • Consistently save 5% in block fuel at equal altitudes and Mach, and up to 14% or more by taking advantage of the new higher cruise altitude capabilities, "playing the wind," etc.
  • 5-10% increase in range
ZR LITE Takeoff Benefits:
  • New flaps 14º for takeoff
  • V-speeds slower than flaps 20º
  • Second-segment climb performance of flaps 8º
  • Opens up many smaller airports
  • Carry more payload/fuel from "limiting" (hot/high) airports
  • Extra fuel load adds even more to extended range

ZR LITE Descent Benefits:

  • New 250-knot flaps 8º placard allows better initial descent and approach control
  • The allowable descent speed has been increased by 25% with the new 250-knot flaps 8º placard
  • 30% annual return on investment:
    • $27,403 in annual fuel savings can be attained over the basic Learjet, based on 500 hours per year at $4 per gallon and equal .78 Mach cruise
    • $40,343 in additional fuel savings can be attained when taking advantage of new higher cruise altitudes, based on 500 hours per year at $4 per gallon and equal .78 Mach cruise
  • Appreciation in aircraft and resale value
  • Broad industry appeal
  • Extensively tested and proven
  • Raisbeck efficiency, reliability and durability
  • Raisbeck technology = Dollars and Sense

Expanded Operational Capabilities:
  • Turns some one stops into non-stops
  • Installation requires limited downtime
  • Improved second climb performance
  • The advanced ZR LITE flap components combine with the existing forward flap spar, and utilizes factory-installed flap tracks, supports, actuators and switches. The design eliminates any additional maintenance requirements over OEM's scheduled inspections


The Recontoured Flap Trailing Edges reduce high speed drag, improve lift distribution and improve flap effectiveness. The Horizontal Winglets, or "Batwings," enhance the aerodynamic efficiency of the aircraft, resulting in reduced drag, less impact from wingtip vortices and increased aileron effectiveness. The Vortilons, attached to the leading edges, improve low speed performance and handling as well as airflow effectiveness.

  • Raisbeck Engineering developed the state-of-the-art composite flap kits, which are designed to attach to the flaps' forward spar and surrounding skins and structures.
  • The trailing edge flaps are re-contoured and twisted from -6 degrees (trailing edge up) at the wing root, to + 2.5 degrees at their outboard extremities.
  • The re-contoured flaps are now more aerodynamically aligned where they meet the aileron. This removes the drooped ailerons' former discontinuity. Reduced drag and increased aileron effectiveness are the positive result of this new design.
  • The original trailing edge flap mechanisms are retained, while the flaps themselves have been removed aft of the flap spar and replaced with ZR LITE composite aft segments. They are protected from lightning and under-surface foreign object damage through the use of advanced materials.
  • The ZR LITE System adds only 34 lbs net increase in the basic operating weight due to extensive use of lightweight composites on the trailing edge flaps.
Installation Time:
  • ZR LITE requires less than a week to install.
  • When combined with the Raisbeck Aft Fuselage Locker, both installations can be performed simultaneously, saving both downtime and money.
  • Furthermore, our combination pricing provides substantial cost savings over the individual prices of the Aft Fuselage Locker and ZR LITE.
  • Painting of the ZR LITE elements can be accomplished off-wing.