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Blackhawk + Raisbeck 90-Series King Air EPIC Package

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Blackhawk goes better with Raisbeck!

A Blackhawk engine conversion enables you to fly your King Air farther, faster and more economically. Why not double the performance benefits for only about 10% over the conversion cost, by adding a Raisbeck EPIC Performance Package? 

All Raisbeck King Air Performance Systems and EPIC Performance Packages are fully compatible and FAA-certified with all Blackhawk engine upgrades for 90-Series King Airs. Their combined performance benefits are exceptional.

In the August 2009 issue of Flying magazine, Robert Goyer reported, “With Raisbeck's ingenious mods, Blackhawk's upgraded engines and Garmin's powerful and elegant retrofit avionics, Cutter (Aviation) has given new life to a great airframe that was almost left for dead. By the time it gone done with it, the result was a C90 that is better in just about every respect than the airplane that rolled off the factory floor 30 years ago." Goyer added, "The claims that Raisbeck makes for its EPIC Package are impressive, and they're true. ... Our hour-llong trip took us down to Tucson and up to 20,000 feet, where we were seeing a true airspeed of around 255 knots while burning 265 pounds per hour per side. At 25,000 feet, the modified airplane will do 265 knots true while burning around 260 pounds per hour. All of these figures are big improvements over the original C90. In terms of true airspeed, it's an improvement of better than 60 knots.

“Another benefit is in takeoff length. With the Epic mods the C90 can operate out of fields hundreds of feet shorter than its nonmodified predecessor can, opening up a lot of additional airports around the country. And though I didn't have a nonmodified C90 to compare it to, the airplane we flew did seem remarkably smooth and quiet, which was exactly the experience Raisbeck and Blackhawk said I'd have. In that regard, I had to remind myself that it was a 30-year-old airplane I was in.”

King Air C90-Series Performance when Blackhawk is Raisbeck EPIC Equipped

Raisbeck's C90 EPIC Performance Package includes:

[For more information about Raisbeck's 90-Series EPIC Performance Package, click here.] Blackhawk-EPIC C90 Performance Table

 Blackhawk-EPIC C90 Takeoff Chart