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Research & Development

Today the Raisbeck team continues to research ways to improve the productivity, performance and safety of business and corporate aircraft.

Swept Blade Turbofan Propellers

Swept Blade Turbofan Propellers deliver unparallelled performance and stunning ramp presence while reducing noise.

ZR LITE technology for Model 31 Learjets

ZR LITE for Model 31 Learjets was introduced in January 2007, saving 8-14% on block fuel.

Wing Lockers standard on the King Air production line

Raisbeck's Nacelle Wing Lockers join Dual Aft Body Strakes on the OEM production line in June, 2004.

ZR LITE technology for 35/36 Learjets

In 2004, Raisbeck introduced ZR LITE technology, the only way for 35/36 Learjets to fly higher, faster and farther from more airports while saving 10% or more on block fuel.

A320 Overhead Bin Enlargement Kits

September 2001 marked the first in-service date for Raisbeck's A320 Family Overhead Bin Door Enlargement Kits, doubling carry-on capacity by allowing standard roller bags to be stowed transversely in the bins.

Dual Aft Body Strakes standard on the King Air production line

Raisbeck's Dual Aft Body Strakes, a long-time option on the King Air production line, became an OEM standard in September 2001.

Boeing 737 Hardened Cockpit Security System

Two weeks after the 9/11 terrorist attack, Alaska Airlines began installing Raisbeck's Hardened Cockpit Security System on its 737 fleet. In March 2002, Raisbeck turned the flight deck security business and customers to Boeing.

Boeing 727 with Stage 3 System

The Raisbeck Commercial Air Group completed recertification of Boeing 727s to meet Stage 3 noise limits without weight and performance penalties.

Learjet 31 Aft Fuselage Locker

Raisbeck's Aft Fuselage Locker for 31/31A Learjets was certified, and became standard on the production line thereafter.

Learjet 35 Aft Fuselage Locker

Raisbeck's Aft Fuselage Locker for 35/36 Learjets was certified, carrying up to 11 cubic feet and 300 lbs cargo with easy external access to the water-tight locker.

King Air Performance Systems

Since 1981, Raisbeck's team has continuously addressed the entire Beechcraft King Air family to improve its productivity, performance, safety and comfort.

Sabreliner with America's first supercritical wing

Rockwell asked Raisbeck to redesign its Sabreliner series. The resulting model 65 has Raisbeck-designed Supercritical Wings, also retrofitted to Sabreliner models 60 and 80.

Mark II and IV-equipped Learjets

In 1973, Raisbeck Engneering, Inc. was founded. Early innovations for the Learjet family include the Mark II and Mark IV Wings, now standard technology on all Learjet Century III and Softflite versions.

Cessna 421 with Fowler Flaps

As Robertson Aircraft President and Chief Engineer, Raisbeck and a team of engineers completed Robertson STOL designs and certifications including the R/STOL Twin Comanche and Cessna 400 Fowler Flap System.

Boeing 707 prototype with blown flaps

Raisbeck and other Boeing Engineers designed an internally blown trailing edge flap system that enabled the 707 to fly at speeds as slow as 60 kts.