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King Air 200


Ram Air Recovery System (RARS)

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How does RARS work?

By making the airflow to the engine more efficient, the Ram Air Recovery System (OEM standard on new King Air 250s) decreases ITT 18° at equal torque, prevents FOD and increases all weather capability.


  • Significantly improved climb and cruise performance with ice vanes stowed or deployed
  • 18º cooler engine ITT at equal torque
  • 8% increase in available horsepower
  • 8% to 11% block fuel savings*
  • Ice vanes may be deployed at any time including taxi and takeoff when at OATs up to ISA +27ºC*
* As part of an EPIC Performance Package.


  • Developed and tested in conjunction with Pratt & Whitney of Canada, Ltd
  • FAA-Certified for ice-vane deployment on the ground and in the air
  • Utilizes coanda-effect aerodynamics for efficient airflow vectoring
  • Full inlet plenum sealing through unique full-body diaphragms

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