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King Air 100/A100


Power Props (TFPS)

Want more power and less noise?

A key part of Raisbeck's 100/A100 EPIC Performance Package, Quiet Turbofan Propellers (Power Props) give 100/A100 King Airs the ability to carry more payload, increase range and operate more quietly through reduced takeoff, climb and cruise propeller RPM.


  • Quiet, virtually vibration-free operation from takeoff to touchdown
  • Certified worldwide to the most stringent noise requirements (FAR Part 36 and ICAO)
  • Improved airplane performance in all flight phases
  • Trouble-free operation between overhauls (proved by millions of service hours)
  • TBO 4000 hours/6 years


  • Unique combination of aerodynamic technology and computer-aided manufacture
  • Lightweight aluminum hubs and blades
  • Oversized hydraulic power piston for lock-in propeller synchrophasing
  • Grease-lubricated hubs to preclude oil leaks
  • Manufactured by Hartzell Propeller, Inc.