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King Air 100/A100


Nacelle Wing Lockers (NWLS)

Want to reduce cabin clutter?

Raisbeck's Nacelle Wing Lockers enable you to store golf bags, skis, luggage, cargo and miscellaneous articles in watertight, lock-secured compartments outside the cabin—returning the cabin to your passengers!


  • Certified for 600 lbs (300 lbs per locker) in 16 cubic feet of stowage space
  • Carry oversized luggage and full size golf bags
  • Fully certified for FAR Part 135 operations
  • Free up seats for additional passengers
  • Prevent interior wear and tear
  • Medeco locks


  • Area-ruled to reduce drag and stall speeds
  • Lightweight, sturdy composite construction
  • Fully self-contained to ensure a clean, dry interior
  • Remove in minutes for airplane maintenance